2 Day Novice Diver Certification VietNam.

You are a diver from the first minute of the lesson. Book Now $259

This 2 Day Scuba Certification can be also Upgraded to Open Water Diver with Simple 2 Day of Training to refresher and continue your Learning at Later Date say Your NEXT Vacation to Vietnam..
At the practical classes of the course, the emphasis is on performing exercises in real conditions in a state of neutral buoyancy. Comfort and safety of a scuba diver is achieved by the skills of controlling this equipment, matrixed into muscle memory, and perfect actions in conditions of emergency or any rapidly changing stressful situation.
All possible emergency situations are known, so are the solutions. You will receive all skills of solving problems underwater at the practical classes of this course. This approach to training allows the NDL instructors to invite you to the world of diving and to state that this type of tourism is as safe as possible whether Doing Our Discover Diving Adventure ONLY or upgrading to Scuba Diver Novice Diver or Going for the 3rd Day and Getting OPEN WATER DIVER each certification opens the Door for Further Exploring Our WATER PLANET.

Course standards
The NDL NOVICE DIVER qualification allows to:

  • Plan, conduct and register non-decomression dives performed with
    one’s buddy and accompanied by a professional, using the
    appropriate gear, as well as the knowledge and skills obtained
    during the training process;
  • The maximum recommended descent depth is 12 metres;
  • Rent any underwater gear and receive other services related to
  • Improve the scuba diver qualification in the NDL DIVER course.

To obtain an NDL NOVICE DIVER certificate, the applicant must:

  1. Perform all required skills acquired during practical units 1–5 in
    confined water;
  2. Perform at least 2 dives in open water while supervised by the
    instructor (the maximum descent depth is 12 m), provided that all
    skills are tested in real conditions;
  3. Pass the theory exam (more than 80 % of answers shall be correct).
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