You can Come to Me at ANY Point in Your Scuba Diving Experience Level. AS long as YOU LOVE TO DIVE &TEACH… I am HAPPY to Be Your Instructor Trainer and Share My 30+ Years of Teaching with My Divers from Discover Scuba Diving Adventures to Open Water Diver To Advanced Universal Diver To Rescue Diver to First Aid CPR To Divemaster and 6 Months ++

100 DIVES  to Instructor.
 completed your open water certification ! Now you’re dreaming of the glamour of the tropical islands, boats, beaches, warm clear water. You think, “I could handle this type of environment all the time”. Why not become a SCUBA INSTRUCTOR? You love diving, love the environment, and are ready for a NEW change in lifestyle DIVEMASTER 1st Professional Level then Assistant Instructor Then FULL SCUBA INSTRUCTOR  .

Well you have accomplished the first step by getting certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver. What you will need now is experience, training, and time. The only way to become really comfortable with diving is TO DIVE! Become more comfortable in the water; fine tune your skills, especially buoyancy. Each dive say to yourself I am going to work on a specific skill. Before you know it everything is becoming almost second nature. You will need to complete several courses on your road to becoming an instructor. You will begin with specialty classes Advanced Open Water Diver Universal Diver.. that include Deep, Navigation  Rescue, Night/Limited visibility, Nitrox .  Not only will these classes give you more in-depth knowledge about that particular subject but you will also be working directly with YOUR Mentor that you Will learn valuable Teaching Techniques from along the way.

The Rescue Diver program $579 USD. you will learn how to assist individuals in need as well as apply the CPR, oxygen administration, AED and first aid skills during your program.

The Divemaster level will teach you how to work with Divers, and especially leading dives as a Dive Guide. During the Divemaster Training you will observe other Divemasters and instructors as they lead divers on guided tours. You will also begin to gain valuable teaching experience as you assist  instructors with teaching real or simulated courses, and honing your skills as a certified assistant. At the completion of your Divemaster Training you will feel comfortable and confident in leading certified divers on various types of dives as well as assist instructors with the supervision of student divers.

The Assistant Instructor will really start to fine tune your teaching skills. The Assistant Instructor program will teach you how to complete lesson plans and how to do academic and in-water presentations. As an Assistant Instructor You have spent many hours diving, gaining experience and learning to work with others. Now that you are ready to participate in the Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor program you will continue to improve your abilities to Teach, as well as dive.

The Scuba Diver Instructor Course will continue to refine your teaching abilities and prepare you for the Instructor Evaluation Course.  This is where you take everything you have learned along the way and demonstrate it to a qualified Instructor Trainer, earning your Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor rating. Once you have completed the Instructor Evaluation Course you will be ready to start teaching and sharing scuba diving with others.

To reach the instructor level you will need a minimum of 100 logged dives and be certified as a diver for a minimum of 6 months With dedication and hard work it can be accomplished in six months to a year.  You will need a complete set of equipment as well as an exposure suit. The various courses you will complete will also be an investment.  Training is part of any occupation and becoming a scuba instructor is a less expensive investment than many other occupations. The important thing to remember is you will enjoy the lifestyle.  As Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor, you’re learning does not and should not end there!  It is extremely valuable to continue to develop both your diving and teaching skills by learning new specialties and taking specialty instructor courses.  The more you learn, the better you will be able to teach, improving your likelihood of success in the diving industry.Prices are Discussed depending on what Certifications you currently are Certified In and amount of Time You can be in Vietnam Nha Trang. Looking Forward to Sharing.. MY LOVE OF TEACHING SCUBA DIVING..


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