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This is the entry-level certification course for recreational divers wishing to utilize enriched
air nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas. The objective of this course is to train divers in the
benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes from 22 through 40
percent oxygen content.

NO DIVES REQUIRED…But HAPPY TO DIVE…Since entry level nitrox is an informational and academic based course, No Dive required as there are no skills to evaluate in water. Dives are desirable to Help demonstrate advantages of EAN. No direct instructor supervision is required but dives should not be conducted in environments that may exceed the existing skill or depth levels of the student.


Considerations for Equipment

Because enriched air contains more oxygen than Normal  air, there is a greater risk of fire or explosion in equipment that has not been thoroughly cleaned.

Industry standards for equipment used with enriched air:

If the equipment will be exposed to more than 40% some say 23% so check  percent oxygen, most manufacturers require it to be cleaned to oxygen service criteria. Manufacturers will cancel all warranties and hold you liable if you use this equipment beyond their recommendations.

Special oxygen cleaning and oxygen friendly materials are recommended when employing 40% or more oxygen. This is known as the “40% rule.”

Any piece of equipment that will be exposed to more than 40% oxygen must be cleaned specifically.


A 15cm broad border around the tank indicating that it contains ENRICHED AIR NITROX in green and yellow. The band’s top and bottom should be yellow 2.5cm bands. The center 10cm band should be green and feature the words ‘Enriched Air Nitrox,’ ‘Nitrox,’ or something similar. Yellow cylinders just require the green part.  A sticker indicating that the cylinder has been cleaned in accordance with oxygen service guidelines. If you need a nitrox fill (22% O2 or higher), the dive shop or filling station will ask for your dive certification and the mix required. The cylinder will be inspected by the fill station for an oxygen service sticker and a valid date. The oxygen content will also be evaluated for the proper mix.

Cylinders are being examined. A contents sticker or tag specifying the current blend, the fill date, the maximum depth (MOD) of the blend, and the name of the analyst / diver. Even if the mix you ordered was incorrect, the blender is only responsible for filling the tank.

Before employing enriched air divers must PERSONALLY ANALYZE the contents of their cylinders. They are in charge of the air they breathe. It is common practice on certain dive boats to grab any full cylinder available for the next dive – this is not appropriate with enriched air, which requires divers to utilize tanks that they have personally analyzed.

As a result, the new European guideline requires dedicated tanks that use oxygen at levels higher than 22% to be equipped with an M26 valve. What exactly is an M26 valve? This is the sort of scuba cylinder valve that must be installed on every new cylinder that will be used with a gas that contains more than 22% oxygen; this is a European directive that went into effect in August 2008. It resembles the Din kind of valve, but is slightly larger, and the information should be engraved or etched on the valve. This will match any regulator supplied in the European Union that has been designated for use with gas having more than 22% oxygen.

The Student will preform following task

Create a simple written dive plan for a nitrox dive to an maximum
operating depth (MOD) calculated with PO₂ between 1.3 and 1.6 Demonstrate correct use of oxygen analyzer
Demonstrate correct cylinder management and labeling in accordance
with local practices and/or regulations
Conduct simple pre-dive briefing
Program nitrox computer, with appropriate oxygen percentage. understand How nitrox cylinder analysis is preformed include: MOD and oxygen


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