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Nestled in the picturesque coastal city of Nha Trang, Vietnam, Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam offers an unparalleled scuba diving experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re a first-time diver or an experienced one, Dive Vietnam caters to all levels of divers with a wide range of scuba diving courses and fun dives. For inquires or any question, please Contact Us.

SNORKELING 49$(Children 39$) 10% Discount Off Private Charter.


Are you looking for a unique way to experience the marine life of the South China Sea But Not Yet Ready to Scuba Dive? FANTASTIC.. Snorkeling With Diving Vietnam is Only $49 adult $39 Child NON Private Boat Contact Me Now  Snorkelers can Request Divemaster or Instructor for a Guide with add on fee, located in the beautiful beach town of Nha Trang, Vietnam is AWESOME. We specialize in offering Snorkeling Tours that allow you to explore the diverse underwater world of Our Beautiful Ocean. Click Above for what you need to know about Diving Vietnam and our Snorkeling Tours. BOOK NOW



Scuba Diving Safe Fun Adventure. If you’re a first-time diver, Dive in Nha Trang Phu Quoc with Diving Vietnam is the ideal place to begin your scuba diving adventure. Our knowledgeable instructors will walk you through the fundamentals of Discover Scuba Diving, from learning how to breathe underwater to mastering the necessary skills to Dive Safely. We take Pride in providing small-group training, ensuring personalized attention to each individual. We give you the confidence and support you need to Dive into Nha Trang’s pristine waters. Our professional staff will ensure that you Feel Safe and Excited about your First Diving Experience. BOOK NOW

99$ (Free Refresher)


If you’re an Experienced Diver, our Fun Dives from  Group Boat to our Private Boat Charters are perfect for you. We will Do a Complete Scuba Review and guide you through the stunning underwater landscapes of Nha Trang and its surrounding islands. You’ll have the opportunity to Experience Being 1 with marine life, including colorful corals, schools of tropical fish. At Dive Vietnam, we ensure a memorable and exhilarating experience that will leave you wanting more. BOOK NOW

Nha Trang VietNamm NOVICE DIVER

259$ 10% Discount Offer


 Supervised NOVICE DIVER COURSE 15 meters  1 Day Pool 1 Day Boat $259 2 Dives .


The training level will allow you to dive down to 15 meters with a partner and a Certified Divemaster anywhere in the world. The training program will provide your theoretical and practical training for real diving.

Training is conducted according to international EN and ISO standards. The e-textbook is at free access. You will receive an Electronic Certificate Known as Your E CARD for the smartphone immediately after completing the course Plus Quizzes and Final Exam.

High level of Training. Strict quality control. All this is the NDL Diver course.




The Sea is Your Beginning Of Exploring Our Planet . $399 10% Discount Offer.

The training level will allow you to dive down to 18 meters with a partner anywhere in the world. The training program will provide your theoretical and practical training for real diving. 3 Days include 2 Days Boat Diving 1 Day confined water Training. Independent Study No Wasted Time do at Your Pace then Answer Question Review and Final Exam. BOOK NOW

Training is conducted according to international EN and ISO standards. The e-textbook is free access. You will receive an electronic certificate.E CARD  for the smartphone immediately after completing the course and FINAL EXAM passing grade.

High level of training. Strict quality control. All this is the NDL Diver course.





After completing the basic course, you have already necessary skills for safe diving at depths of down to 18 meters. However, wrecks, Atlantis cities, gold of the conquistadors and other secrets of the World Ocean tend to be deeper.

The course of deep diving will allow you to reach the maximum nonprofessional diving depth of 40 meters.

There are no white spots on the map of the Ocean, there are places only where you have not been.



MY divers describe the Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam NDL Rescue Diver course as the most challenging, rewarding course they’ve ever taken. Because you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others when needed. During Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam course, you learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem solving skills until they become second nature. The RESCUE COURSE course is FUN but serious allowing for laughter and focused learning. 


No Experience Required This  Course Also for NON DIVERS..$189 Book Now

Most people will be involved in a crisis at some point in their lives, whether it’s being on the scene of an accident or seeing a medical emergency. People with first aid training and incident management abilities are more likely to step up and take action if these scenarios develop.  NDL’s courses are straightforward to grasp and designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to respond in an emergency. They were created by dive medicine physicians and diving educators. NDL first aid courses prepare students to address scuba diving accidents as well as those that arise in other situations. All courses adhere to current ILCOR and AHA standards. Isn’t it worthwhile to spend a few hours one evening or weekend learning skills that could save a life?

Life saving Firstaid CPR Courses Nha Trang Vietnam



The Divemaster is a true leader who mentors and motivates all divers, both certified and novice. Acquire diving knowledge, supervisory skills, and education to share with others. YOU WILL BECOME A ROLE MODEL FOR OTHER DIVERS WHO WISH TO BE LIKE YOU.
Share your enthusiasm for scuba diving by becoming a Divemaster, who will supervise scuba diving activities and assist with scuba classes. The Divemaster certification is the first step in a professional diving career. You are a PROFESSIONAL DIVER as a Divemaster. Despite the fact that many Divemaster’s frequently WORK FOR FREE in order to experience the joy of diving… for them as they continue to learn and possibly become Future Instructors. Divemaster training teaches you how to be a leader and manage dive activities. Water skills exercises and knowledge development sessions .



Hon mot, to 13 Đường Đệ, Vĩnh Hải, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 65000
+84 779 037 795

Anthony O'ConnorAnthony O'Connor
20:57 23 May 23
Apr 2023 • SoloThoroughly recommended diving with Mark if you visit Nha Trang. He is highly experienced, having run his dive school there for many years, knows the waters really well and puts great emphasis on safety.He is also great fun and gives a fascinating insight into life in Vietnam.
Pip KillaPip Killa
15:24 16 Mar 23
Mark is an awesome and knowledgeable diving instructor. I phoned and asked for earplugs to protect my ear from an injury caused by a dive at some local tour 2 days prior. After listening to my problem, he insisted that I go to the hospital near by to get my ear checked out immediately to avoid any further damage.It would have been an enjoyable experience if I would have booked with Mark. He cares about his clients’ safety over money grabbing. If you are thinking of underwater experience in Nha Trang, Mark would be your best to-go instructor. Don’t make the same mistake I did because the last thing you need at this beautiful place is a trip to the hospital. Thank you Mark for all you do to bring the best experience to us in Nha Trang.
Lena VuLena Vu
03:16 10 Mar 23
True Dive Professional InstructorBefore the World Shut Down 2 of our Friends were Lucky enough to travel to Nha Trang Vietnam. They started looking for someone to Teach them Scuba Diving and called and Visited several Dive Centers and then decided on Mark Scott and Diving Vietnam his dive center.So now that the World is Traveling again we decided to use some of the things they learned on trip to Vietnam and Do it ourselves. We have found, unfortunately, that some places still have not reopened Yet but Found Mark is in the process of rebuilding his Life and Dive Center in Nha Trang. So GREAT they said how he truly cares about your Safety and well being as making you safe comfortable independent divers which is what we want. He is not a padi shop and that is fine. We care about the teaching, not the guess agency that gives cards. Our friends were told by the padi center that if they did not have their card, they could Not Dive. They found this to be NOT true and have had no problems diving many places.So here is where being a Professional comes to light. We try book a class with Mark and he say love to teach you but unfortunately the weather and diving conditions are not good, so we need to wait longer. Disappointed but understand he cares about our experience being as good as our friends said theirs was. Solution he offer get this he had just done the same thing with another couple. Let's Dive in Phu Quoc instead? We researched and found it easy to get there from Saigon where we are at so yes he said needed to charge more to cover extra cost but we are Happy to do that to get teaching that we see is his Strong and passionate desire for us to learn and continue our diving into our future. So here we go Diving Phu Quoc. Thanks Mark my husband will do a review after finishing his adventures in Vietnam
I’ve done my dive master class with Mark in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Totally there were more than 70 dives.It was a great learning experience and true adventure!Mark is a brilliant and funny instructor, attentive to details and caring.He teaches you the basics and makes sure you are comfortable and have fun even if it is the first diving experience in your life.The diving gear is always clean, sufficient and working. You have meals and water on the boat. So after all a nice diving adventure hard to forget.I do recommend anyone to go and enjoy diving with Mark, and will do it personally again.
15:44 04 Jan 20
I chose to dive with Mark for our vacations in Nah Trang, a man puts his name to his business means something to me. and that was the right choice.Mark is very experienced diver and focuses on divers experience first, choosing diving spots and times as to have less divers around.He is very serious in his diving approach, after 120 dives, I still learned a lot during his safety pre-dive briefing.He can put inexperienced divers at ease, as well as ensure experienced ones have fun.I strongly recommend, and will dive with Mark anytime, anywhere.
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