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2 Day 6 Dives PRIVATE BOAT Course or 3 Day 6 Dives Shared Boat Course.

This is Your Choice 2 day PRIVATE Boat Course at least 2 Students $749 per Student. 3 Day Shared Boat Course 2 Dives Each Day Group Boat $499 per Student.

Both PADI and NDL follow the general framework laid down by the World Recreational Scuba Diving Council, and there are no significant differences in the skills and requirements every diver needs to have. However, the courses may differ in terms of the level of personalization and additional information provided by the instructor as NDL Instructor Trainer I have the Authority to Modify My Courses to Fit the Needs of Each Student as long as All Goals are Preformed Successfully . Ultimately, the choice between PADI and NDL should be Based on the Instructor not the Agency since I MAKE OR BREAK THE COURSE.

Course Overview: Text Book The NDL Advanced Universal Diver qualification allows to: Effectively navigate underwater while diving. This is achieved by using underwater Compass as well as learning Natural Navigation Techniques. Increase the safety and comfort during night diving. Limited Vizz Diving is an Important aspect to Diver Comfort and Safety but Not all Divers are Ready for Night Diving so Limited Vizz Day Diving can be substituted and IF VIZZ is to Good… Then another Specialty Dive can be used. Increase the diver safety and comfort while practicing the Deep Dives. The Recommended Depth is 40 Meters. This will be done WITHOUT going into Any DECO Stop just simulated by Deep Safety Stop so a Personal DIVE Computer is Required to Do this Course.

Maximum depth: 40 meters (for practical training in night diving and underwater navigation – 18 meters is MAX recommended depth).

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