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The entry-level scuba certification is called an “Open Water Diver.” You will learn how to scuba dive from a highly Qualified Instructor with an encouraging learning environment. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the abilities and information needed to dive domestically or abroad and represent the underwater environment as an Ambassador Diver. 

Things Done as a DIVER Investigate the remaining 70% of our world. Help to safeguard the ocean Take in sights you’ve never experienced before Study with a scuba diving professional. Be a competent and self-assured diver. Put together and utilize scuba equipment Control your buoyancy.. Be ONE WITH the aquatic World. Deal with common issues of Scuba Diving

In a pool or an environment similar to a pool with a highly qualified Instructor, study the fundamentals of Scuba Diving after learning about the concepts and vocabulary. When you’re prepared and ready, do four dives in open water with the assistance of your Scuba Diving Instructor to Prove your Confidence and Skill level to receive your Diver Certification that last a LIFETIME.

Scuba classes are simple to fit into a busy schedule thanks to Online Learning. Discover the terms and principles of scuba diving whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. It is your class, your schedule. With a computer or mobile device, you can study online or offline. Anytime you have a question, contact your Instructor.

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